Snow Days

When given a choice, I think most moms (and Dads) would rather that school stay in session, even during the most brutal winter storms.

There is a woman making herself famous with her “Wide eyed” videos threatening to kill Anna and Elsa as her kids sing “Let It Go” in the background.   She has a look of pure terror on her face as the kids belt out (off key) every last lyric from the renowned song.   This video became viral as parents can literally relate to this mother’s pain.  The excruciating pain known as “Snow Day”.

I have to admit, I did take the time to watch the video, I even chuckled a bit.   The reality is,  there is no holding back Mother Nature.   People have cracked jokes that she must not have received a Valentine this year or she is PMSing.   These are also the people that I have heard talking that we haven’t had much of a winter this year!   A full week of snow days later, they are screaming UNCLE and waving their white flags of surrender.

I, on the other had, embrace the snow days as if it is a gift.   A day to spend with the people I love more than anything in this entire world.  These are the days we browse through Pinterest to find a new recipe, play Scrabble, eat homemade guacamole and tortilla chips until we are stuffed and watch endless episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. (only on Season 2, Have a long way to go!

Don’t get me wrong, there are times I want to give them up for adoption, change my address and never look back!!  The breakdown passes quickly the first time they hug me and tell how much they love me!!!

Today, we decided to shake things up a bit…..

I gave everyone a topic.

My niece had a “Dingleberry named Harry”

My other niece  had a “Hot Dog Vendor from NYC”

My son had a “Squirrel named Merle from Central Park”.

Since this isn’t really my daughter’s forte, we spent the afternoon editing some pictures together.  She has quite the eye for photography, and that makes me one proud Mommy!

I have never seen my kids so stimulated about something that resembled “school”!   They wrote some amazing rough drafts, and the Dingleberry story made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off of my chair!  I will eventually have to share the stories to you, but I promised them that we could go over them together before we shared them with the world!

What imaginations these guys have!! I don’t nearly give them the recognition they deserve!

Just got the text…NO SCHOOL TOMORROW

Stay warm my friends!




4 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Very much look forward to the stories on here! Also, must commend Adam for lovely handwriting….something I haven’t seen in waaaayyy too long!


  2. First I have to compliment your sons penmanship, wow! It’s amazing! You have a wonderful way of looking at the snow day, especially since I compared mine to having an F4 hurricane running through the house all day (of course, my guy is all of 5). Today was a 2 hour delay and much better. Once I picked him up from therapy he actually asked for food (which never happens) and I drove around while he ate, because while being in the car helps some kids go to sleep, it gets mine to eat. I understand we have gotten more snow this evening, I haven’t bothered looking out the window. My son doesn’t have school on Friday’s, but we do have an hour drive ahead of us in the morning to get to a dentist appointment and then back home for more therapy. Sunday is his birthday party so I guess I should be nice to him 🙂


    • We just walked in the door at 11:30 after a big basketball championship win!! No school tomorrow. Another basketball tournament Saturday and 12 inches of snow expected for Saturday!
      My only hope is they don’t cancel church again this Sunday, I’m going to need some Jesus to get me through next week if there’s is no school!
      I still take my son on “long drives”, as we like to call it, to go to sleep!
      His 10th Birthday is Monday!!!
      Happy Birthday to your son and have a safe trip tomorrow!!!!


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