Conversations with Kids

I picked my son up from school yesterday.  You never know what our next conversation will be….

Adam:  Mom, I am so mad at (insert friends name here).

Me:  Why Son, did something happen at school?

Adam:  Yes!!  He told (insert another friends name here) to ask out (Beautiful girl everyone likes).    And then, the next then we knew, he asked her out instead!   What a jerk move to do to a friend.

Me:  Wow, that sounds just awful. (In my I really could care less, but I am super interested Mom voice!)

Adam:  This is exactly why I don’t date!!!

Me:  I thought it was because you are in the 5th grade!!

Adam:  I will date when I am in the 8th grade!

Me:  How about don’t date until you are in college!!!

Adam:  Mom, Do you ever want Grandchildren?!?

Me:  Speechless!

3743_10208743413966184_4358047138529233950_nMy Niece and I driving through town last night and passing a local restaurant:

Olivia:  Stop!!!  There is an old man eating dinner by himself!

Me:  Ok?

Olivia:  It is on my “bucket list” to eat with a lonely old person!

Me:  Olivia, that is so sweet.

Olivia:  I also want to be in a bar fight!

Me:  Speechless

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