Responsible Vacation

Morning Conversation

Me:  Adam, wake up.  Before you take a shower, you need to take the dog to potty.

Adam:  Jumps in the shower (dog is in the bed)

Me:  Did you hear what I said?  I told you to take the dog out before you got in the shower.

Adam:  Did he jump off the bed?

Me: No

Adam: He will be fine.

Me:  No, he will pee on the bed!  If he pees on the bed, you are in so much trouble!   I am so tired of having to take care of everything in this house!   I told you that the dog is your responsibility in the mornings.

Adam:   I have been responsible for two weeks Mom!   I need a break!

Me:  I have been responsible for 14 years, son!  That is when I became a mom!!   It’s a full time job!!

Adam:  Looks like someone needs a vacation!!!

*The dog urinated on the bed!   Adam is grounded.     You may ask why I didn’t take the dog out instead of arguing?   I asked myself the same question.

Adam may  be right about a vacation!




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