Morning Conversations 

Conversations with Adam. 

I was sitting next to Adam as he was eating breakfast.   

Me:  (knife in my hand).  Let’s cut our hands and shake.  Then we can be blood brothers.   (Insert Lengthy explanation as to what I meant)

Adam:  That sounds awesome.   

Me:   Maybe not.   We will share diseases. That’s gross.  

Adam:  Oh Lord…I don’t want diarrhea.  

Me:   *uncontrollable laughter*
I Woke up with laryngitis.   

Me: I can’t sing this morning!!  (We have a favorite song we sing in the mornings)

Adam:  I will sing.   You dance. 

Me:  (dancing!!!)

Adam:  Mom, apparently laryngitis can also effect dancing.   

THIS KID!!!     

3 thoughts on “Morning Conversations 

  1. Adam gave me a good laugh when I saw that laryngitis is impacting you dancing. What a great kid. I also enjoyed the video. Never heard that song before. Have a great weekend, Crystal!!!

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