Let me introduce myself…..


“If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.”

So I decided to follow my dreams.

Welcome to my page….Mommy Blogger, Travel Blogger, Photography Blogger….In constant pursuit of doing what I love and loving who I get to spend it with.


69 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself…..

  1. Hello, You found the blog where I write about photography. If you browsed more than my latest post you’d know that the only topics I ever discuss are related to photography.
    Nice to be in contact. Now that I know about you I will take some time to check your site out.


  2. Alexa Drakkon-Lugosi says:

    You somehow found me through my writings and followed me. Thank you! My writing may not be “Christian-based”, but I am a Christian woman.

    My relationship with God has been fractured due to a bad experience with a church and churchmembers. But I am slowly coming back to the Lord. With baby steps.


    • Baby steps is a good place to start. He’s always waiting for you with arms wide open. Forget about the church and the church members. I have had some bad experiences also. Just remember that God loves you right where you are. Saints, sinners, church member or not….he died for us all!
      I hope my writing will be a blessing to you. I am always here to talk or listen.
      So glad we found each other.

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